True Power 6″ Digital Caliper Review

The True Power 6″ digital caliper is quite a large caliper which packs extra accuracy for measurements. It is constructed from hardened stainless steel to guarantee its longevity. It comes with a foam padded hard-shell protective case. It displays imperial and metric units and can convert between Inch Fractions to 1/128″, Inches to 0.0005″ & Millimeters to 0.01mm. This pack contains a user’s manual and extra batteries.

The True Power 6″ digital caliper has had excellent reviews from its customers. Almost all the customers gave it five stars for its durability and accuracy. One of its satisfied customer said that he was very pleased with its features. He mentioned it was a bit expensive but the price was well worth the features. He said that the casing was sturdy and lined. He said he had problems with Chinese calipers as they never gave good instructions. The user manual included with this pack pleased him, as it was very detailed. He said the caliper was quite smooth and solid. It gave accurate measurements and he would recommend it for everyone. Another such customer was also enamored with it accuracy. He said it was a very handy tool for him and he liked the auto shutdown feature.

The only person who gave the True Power 6″ digital caliper a four stars rating also found it to be quite helpful. He said that earlier he used to use a wooden ruler for measurements and had problems with its accuracy. But with it he was sure of accuracy. He only held back one stars because it took four days to arrive.